June 29, 2022

And so it got here to go that within the 12 months of Our Lord 2022, good judgment and details left the room and the Republican Birthday celebration changed them with “Now we have were given a variety of theories, we simply shouldn’t have the proof.”

That is the postmodern global, devoid of explanation why and chock-full of stooges like Donald Trump, John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani. It’s the global we have been warned about by means of Michael Cohen in a 2020 Rolling Stone article: “I consider that he would even cross as far as to begin a conflict in an effort to save you himself from being got rid of from place of business. My largest concern is that there is probably not a calm transition of energy in 2020.” 

This is a global the place Trump’s allies within the Ideal Court docket have eroded the separation of church and state so totally that within the close to long run we might be dwelling in a fascist Christian state. Jack-booted thugs will roam loose and any individual who does now not provide as a God-fearing white Christian heterosexual may have extra to concern from the federal government thugs stomping your neck than from the vengeful God to whom the dimwitted believers pray.

The one factor status in the way in which of this dystopian, dyspeptic destruction is the Jan. 6 hearings, and this week we came upon in cinematic element how individuals of that committee are looking to stave off the top of democracy.

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In the most recent installment of this real-world drama, as in just about each different episode, a preponderance of the witnesses were Republicans. It is as though the few Republicans left with the aptitude of explanation why are engaged in an epic fight to vomit up the Donald Trump poison that has inflamed the celebration’s different individuals. The Democrats, maximum of whom have by no means imbibed  the Trump emblem of poison, have discovered how shut we’re to the threshold and thus are looking to help their colleagues around the aisle. (For individuals who desire a ancient reference, this is known as hanging your nation prior to your celebration — a founding concept of our country.) 

How critical is that this transfer to give protection to our nation? Christian individuals of the Republican Birthday celebration have additionally come ahead, confessing their sins and imploring their pals to not practice the false prophecies of Donald Trump. Those are one of the crucial exact same Christians who supported maximum of Trump’s insurance policies, in fact — and have been steadily denigrated for it in additional liberal social circles.

But even a few of those that supported Trump on just about each instance have drawn the road at what he did on Jan. 6, 2021. 

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What did those that have testified prior to the committee hope to achieve by means of their look? Simply to belong to a gaggle of voters of the US who worked to be sure that our democratic procedure labored as meant, and to verify the non violent switch of energy from one presidential management to the following. (For individuals who desire a ancient reference, that easy act has made us the envy of all different countries for greater than 200 years. Yeah: You wish to have to offer that up? Significantly? Get genuine.)

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Amongst those that stepped up was once Arizona Area Speaker Russell Bowers, a Republican, who advised the committee: “I don’t need to win by means of dishonest.” 

Bowers, a lifelong conservative, misplaced many pals and co-workers just because he advised Donald Trump he would not destroy the regulation for him. Trump attempted the comfortable means, he attempted reasoning after which, in conventional Trump model, when he could not get his method he threatened Bowers, who nonetheless refused. After all, the Trump loyalists started to consume their very own, threatening Bowers, accusing him of being a pedophile and looking to break his existence — all as a result of he would not compromise his private ideals. (For the ones short of a ancient viewpoint, the power to reside peacefully with out such reprisal is steadily cited as a basic issue within the founding of this nation.)

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss did not do any higher. She was once an election employee in Georgia, the place Trump was once in the back of within the depend and in search of votes to scouse borrow. 

Moss and her mom, “Woman Ruby” Freeman, have been threatened by means of Trump loyalists and accused of voter fraud after Moss was once noticed in a video passing her mom a ginger mint. Conspiracy theorists, together with Rudy Giuliani, later claimed it was once a thumb power containing fraudulent vote casting information. “The president of the US is meant to constitute all other folks, now not goal one,” Freeman testified. 

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“Nowhere do I think secure,” Moss advised us. In conjunction with everybody else she used to paintings with in Fulton County, Moss left her task to flee the consistent threats from Trumpers. That could be a terrible testomony to the violence and anger Trumpers exhibit towards their selected enemies, and it portends terrible issues within the November midterm elections must the ones jobs be crammed by means of Trump acolytes who will do anything else to win.

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Trump centered Shaye Moss. He centered Rusty Bowers. He centered Michael Cohen. He’s going to goal Rudy Giuliani and he’s going to goal John Eastman. Trump will throw completely every other human being underneath the bus, regardless of who they’re, if they do not bow to his whim.

Because the Jan. 6 committee readied for every other listening to, Trump was once looking to promote swag. The grift continues, it doesn’t matter what.


Because the Jan. 6 committee readies for every other episode on Thursday — to be adopted by means of a destroy of a number of weeks whilst individuals imagine “a deluge of recent proof” — Donald Trump was once busy sending out fundraising emails, as same old. He reminded his supporters to shop for his golfing balls, pictures and different swag prior to popping out to satisfy him at certainly one of his golfing classes, on a shuttle supposedly paid for by means of Trump himself. That is without a doubt a lie: The Donald by no means can pay for anything else.  

The grift continues.

The most important query was once requested throughout Tuesday’s listening to: Who amongst us is secure?

The solution is plain — no person. Felony students who know greater than I do consider that Trump should face prosecution. If he does, and if he’s convicted, I consider he must be pressured to reside underneath the similar stipulations Michael Cohen did when he was once held in isolation. Let Trump ponder his contributions to this planet, our shared long run and his youngsters in an 8×10 mobile. Additional, let that mobile be an unventilated scorching field, entire with a damaged window, sink and bathroom. Let there be a biblical plague of flies — then he’s going to know what Cohen went thru. Oh yeah, give him a radio — one who simplest receives NPR.

But when one guy is above the regulation, then we are executed. 

A few of Trump’s supporters venerate him the way in which our far-off ancestors commemorated emperors and pharaohs. How a long way have we fallen if that is even an possibility?


Trump needs to be simply this type of guy. He inspired Mike Pence to sign up for him by means of suggesting “how cool” it might be to have the ability the Charter completely by no means gave him. In so doing, Trump uncovered himself as a possible Antichrist, consistent with evangelical readings of scripture. However do not fret: Infrequently any conservative Christians will see the sunshine, till they perish in Trump’s flame. 

It’s the maximum fervent Trump supporters who provide the best risk to our mutual survival. Whilst he aspires to be a king, a few of his supporters venerate him the way in which our far-off ancestors commemorated a Caesar, or an Egyptian pharaoh. Trump loves the ones guys!

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How a long way have we come, truly, if that roughly factor is even an possibility? We’ve been warned any choice of timess. Somebody who is ever spent any time round Trump and escaped with their lives semi-intact has warned us. Two impeachments warned us. A large number of scandals warned us. 

On Sept. 23, 2020, Trump made historical past by means of refusing to decide to a calm switch of energy after the election.

So that you could be honest, he warned us. We heard it from his personal lips! Nonetheless, many people did not anything, and even aided and abetted those that would break the US.

Did we pay attention? It’ll be attention-grabbing to look if any individual listens this time.

Now we have had considerable caution. The details don’t seem to be in dispute.

This is not “simply politics.” This is not trade as same old. This is not a comic story.

In keeping with statements made prior to the make a choice committee, there’s a case to be made for the price of conspiracy to defraud the US, now not simply in opposition to Donald Trump, but additionally in opposition to John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani. Let the 3 Stooges face the track.

I don’t want Trump to head loose. I would like him to pay for his crimes, however I additionally are not looking for him to get the eye his demented psyche craves. On the finish of the day, Donald Trump does not care whether or not you’re keen on him or hate him — simplest that you simply listen.

The person is extra hooked on consideration than any human being I have ever recognized. Having had the displeasure of protecting his presidency in its entirety, I will be able to truthfully say I have by no means met a extra loathsome, cancerous pustule of a human being, a person so narcissistic that for him the remainder of the universe exists only to pander to his wishes. He is a senior-citizen man-child who has infrequently heard the phrase “no,” takes excitement within the struggling of others and reasons that struggling, on every occasion imaginable, with a sickening and just about orgasmic pride. He has no redeeming social worth by any means. He’s incapable of any empathy, any fellowship or any love.

After all one of the best ways to care for Donald Trump could be to relegate him to obscurity — and to mark him without end as a failure in the entirety he is ever executed.   

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