August 10, 2022
I“D.B. Cooper: The place Are You?!” (Netflix)

On Thanksgiving eve 1971, Dan Cooper bought a one-way airplane price ticket on Flight 305, which was once headed for Seattle-Tacoma Global Airport. Witnesses at the flight recalled that Cooper was once officially wearing a black trade swimsuit and sporting an identical coloured briefcase.


As soon as the airplane had taken off, Cooper stealthily started his hijacking strive. He handed on a folded notice to Florence Schaffner, a close-by stewardess who first of all brushed aside the message and stashed it in her handbag. She in spite of everything learn the notice after Cooper whispered, “Pass over, you would higher take a look at that notice. I’ve a bomb.” The notice itself learn, “Pass over, I’ve a bomb in my briefcase. I need you to sit down beside me.”


When Cooper spread out his black briefcase, Schaffner noticed that Cooper got here provided with a bomb. Cooper additionally requested for 4 overall parachutes and $200,000 in ransom.


“He was once highly intelligent. He did not order one or two. He ordered 4. He idea they have been gonna dummy up a parachute on him, so he’d die,” stated Tom Colbert, writer of the 2021 novel “The Closing Grasp Outlaw.” 


“But when he is ordering 4, ‘He takes a hostage. We will be able to’t dummy him up.’ Highly intelligent, good.”


Schaffner then confirmed the notice to the pilot in command, William A. Scott, who landed the airplane in Seattle, permitting the entire passengers on board to get off safely. According to Cooper’s request, the flight then took off once more, now with 4 staff participants, together with Captain Scott. The flight was once en path to Mexico Town however ahead of Scott may just land the airplane, Cooper secured his bag filled with stolen money and jumped out the again go out the use of one in every of his parachutes.

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Cooper’s remaining recorded message was once a easy “No,” which was once stated in accordance with the pilots by way of the cabin telephone.