August 10, 2022
ISteamed Hen Soup Dumplings (Picture courtesy of Hanh Nguyen)

Those soup-filled dumplings style nice on their very own, in addition to with chili oil and soy sauce at the aspect. If you are having a look to experiment with other flavors, believe topping them with one thing crunchy and highly spiced like chili onions or habaneros, one Redditor suggests. Or, check out including a drizzle of black vinegar, rice vinegar or Lao Gan Ma, a selected logo of chili sauces made in China.


“I like to recommend amino acid for dipping too! My pal and I attempted it and we had been each in love,” every other particular person suggests. 


The dumplings are slightly small, making them a really perfect selection for weekday lunches. They may be able to even be included into greater foods, like rooster noodle soup, or paired along fried rice (like TJ’s Bulgogi Red meat Fried Rice) and noodles for a pleasing and comforting dinner. 

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