August 10, 2022

When the U.S. Very best Court docket introduced its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Ladies’s Well being Group on Friday, June 24, probably the most six GOP-appointed justices who had voted to overturn Roe v. Wade was once Donald Trump appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh — who, opposite to the claims of Sen. Susan Collins in 2018, obviously didn’t believe Roe “settled regulation.” Person states, beneath the Dobbs ruling, are actually loose to outlaw abortion.

Some far-right Christian nationalists consider that interstate commute to hunt abortions will have to be forbidden, however Kavanaugh has indicated that he does not consider that exact states can prohibit interstate commute the place abortion is worried.

Kavanaugh wrote, “As I see it, one of the most different abortion-related felony questions raised by means of nowadays’s determination aren’t particularly tricky as a constitutional subject. For instance, would possibly a State bar a resident of that State from touring to every other State to procure an abortion? For my part, the solution isn’t any according to the constitutional correct to interstate commute.”

Kavanaugh’s feedback point out that whilst he would prefer, for instance, Texas’ correct to ban abortion statewide, he does not consider that Texas lawmakers can forbid a Texas girl from touring to New Mexico or Colorado for an abortion. Or, if abortion turns into unlawful in Indiana, he does not consider that Indiana’s state govt has a correct to forbid a pregnant girl from acquiring an abortion legally in neighboring Illinois.

Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern, in a Twitter thread posted on June 24, stated of Kavanaugh:

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